You're a magical dice snail, on a mission to get revenge on the gnomes for not letting you eat their cabbages. Roll your shell to use six different abilities to attack, and try to kill as many gnomes as possible! (Be careful, they're dangerous!)

Available to play both in-browser as a HTML file and as a downloadable EXE file (Windows 64-bit.) Note that the "Quit" button on the Main Menu in the HTML version won't do anything, as this is only for the EXE version.

To play the EXE version:

  1. Download the "Windows Download (64-bit)" file below 
  2. Unzip "Gnothing Persnail Win64.zip"
  3. Open the new "Gnothing Persnail Win64" folder
  4. Run "Gnothing Persnail.exe"

How to play


  • WASD = Movement
  • R = Roll
  • Space = Attack
  • Esc = Pause

Roll your dice shell in order to equip an attack. When your attack is out of ammo, roll your dice shell again to equip a new attack.


  • Vaughan Clowes - Art
  • Becky Saunders - Production + UI
  • Mia Tidnam - Development
  • (Also featuring the voice talent of Thomas "The Gnome" Wyeth)

Sound effects from freesound.org

Made in 48 hours as part of

GMTK Game Jam 2022 Logo


Windows Download (64-bit) 91 MB


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Nice elemental mechanic!
Though the dark power remains so little time that to even make use of it, you gotta put yourself at a lot of risk, so it is pretty useless.

Thank you! 😄 And thanks for the feedback! I agree that the different powers could be better balanced/tweaked haha. The time constraints definitely limited us on polishing that aspect. 😆